WSOP: ‘wingsuiter’ Wins First WSOP Gold Bracelet in Event #9

Early Saturday morning, ‘wingsuiter’ capped off a dominating World Series of Poker Online final table performance in Event #9 ($400 Six Max NLHE) and earned the first-place prize of $81,534 and the first WSOP bracelet of their career.

They were one of three previously unknown players who advanced to the final table. The event drew 788 unique entries and 429 re-entries to generate a prize pool of $438,120.

It was a dominant final-table performance for the eventual winner. ‘wingsuiter’ started the final table second in chips with 4,472,849 behind Kenneth Neri’s 5,484,107. En route to victory, ‘wingsuiter’ scored each of the last four eliminations.

The first elimination of the final table came in under 10 minutes. Justin Wong min-raised to 120,000 from the cutoff position and Aaron Thivyanathan moved all-in for his last 1,364,426 chips. ‘Daaanutzzzzz’ called in the small blind with TdTh and after the big blind and Wong folded, Thivyanathan’s AdKh was revealed. The flop came Qd8c4d to give Thivyanathan some backdoor straight and flush possibilities, though none of those came to be when the 7s fell on the turn. The 4s completed the board on the river and eliminated Thivyanathan in sixth place.

‘Daaanutzzzzz’ would find himself all-in with the exact same hand just a little over 10 minutes later. The action folded to ‘wingsuiter’ in the small blind who completed the blind up to 80,000. ‘Daaanutzzzzz’ raised to 160,000 with the TdTh and was met with a re-raise to 690,000 from ‘wingsuiter’. The big-blind went all-in to make it 3,048,642 to go and ‘wingsuiter’ made the call with the 9s9d. A 9h8s7s flop thrust ‘wingsuiter’ into the lead with top set but left ‘Daaanutzzzzz’ with an open-ended straight draw. The Qs on the turn and the Ac on the river brought no help to ‘Daaanutzzzzz’, who finished the tournament in fifth place.

Four-handed play lasted for roughly 20 minutes before ‘wingsuiter’ claimed their next victim. ‘wingsuiter’ open-raised to 250,000 on the button with AsKh and after the small blind folded, ‘CashisK1NG’ went all-in with 5c5h for 1,084,168 chips. A flop of QsQcJs gave ‘wingsuiter’ some straight outs to go with their over cards, and that straight came in when the Th fell on the turn. The board bricked out with a 2c on the river to knock ‘CashIsK1NG’ out in fourth place.

All three of the remaining players had over 35 big blinds when ‘CashIsK1NG’ was eliminated. This allowed three-handed play to last for about 40 minutes before ‘wingsuiter’, who had built up a nice chip lead with a stack of 12,817,166, moved all-in from the small blind with JsTd. Neri called off his last 1,464,841 chips in the big blind with Ac3h. The flop of Qh9h4d brought an open-ended straight draw for ‘wingsuiter’. Neri picked up a pair of threes when the 3d came on the turn, but the Ks on the river gave ‘wingsuiter’ the nut straight and eliminated Neri in third.

Heads up play only lasted for 15 minutes. Wong was never able to break the 4,000,000 chip barrier to cut into his opponent’s big chip lead. ‘wingsuiter’ moved all-in for 16,142,007 chips with Ad9h and Wong called off his remaining 1,762,993 chips from the big blind with QsTs. ‘wingsuiter’ remained in the lead on a Js7d3d flop and took away some of Wong’s outs when the 6d came on the turn to give ‘wingsuiter’ a nut flush draw. Wong was forced to settle for a second-place finish when the Kc fell on the river and ‘wingsuiter’ emerged as the event’s winner with a gold bracelet.

Final Table Payouts

‘wingsuiter’ – $81,534
Justin ‘pocketprofit’ Wong – $50,384
Kenneth ‘ace710’ Neri – $35,663
‘CashIsK1NG’ – $25,586
‘Daaanutzzzzz’ – $18,576
Aaron ‘WompDatTHomp’ Thivyanathan – $13,669

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