Real GOAT Joey Chestnut Wins Hotdog Contest for 14thTime in 15 Years

Joey Chestnut Wins Nathans Hotdog Eating Contest

Joey Chestnut won his 14th annual Hotdog Eating contest on Sunday.
Chestnut devoured a total of 76 hotdogs to best the record of 75 which he set last year.
He now has won six straight hotdog eating contests since losing in 2015.

If there’s anything better than fireworks on the 4th of July, it’s Joey Chestnut eating hotdogs in the annual Independence Day event.

Chestnut won his 14th Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hotdog Earing Contest on Sunday, doing so in dominating fashion and setting another world record.

The 37-year old known as “Jaws” put on an eating clinic to claim a sixth consecutive Mustard Belt and his 14th overall win in the last 15 years. Chestnut devoured a total of 76 hotdogs with buns in 10 minutes to win decisively over 2nd placer Geoffrey Esper who could finish only 50 franks over the same period.

Not Even ESPN’s Broadcast Problems Could Stop Chestnut’s Record

ESPN’s production quality today are on par with my Zoom meetings.

— Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) July 4, 2021

The event was broadcast by ESPN which experienced technical difficulties throughout the competition, including brief commercial breaks in the middle of the 10-minute main event. With Chestnut closing in on his own record with already 74 franks consumed with still 13 seconds left, the TV screens went blank. But not Chestnut.

He ate two more during the blackout, giving him a total of 76 for the competition which is one more than the unfathomable 75 hotdogs he ate in last year’s competition which was held without fans due to the pandemic.

Chestnut has been breaking records since he reclaimed his throne. He saw his 8-year reign end in 2015 when he lost to Matt Stonie by two hotdogs, 62-60. The following year, Chestnut ate a record 70 hotdogs to win his 9th title. In 2017, he raised the bar by finishing 72 hotdogs and increased the record to 74 in 2018. Last year, he upped his mark to 75 again and this year he’s added one more count to his record.

In his storied eating career at the annual Hotdog eating contest, Chestnut has gobbled a total of 1,039 hotdogs with buns, more than anyone else who has joined the competition. On Sunday, he ate 30 buns in the first three minutes of the round and by then, we knew he was on pace to set another record.

The Real GOAT

Joey Chestnut is the GOAT 🐐🌭

— Athlete Swag (@AthleteSwag) July 4, 2021

People talk about the GOAT of sports as Michael Jordan who won six world titles with the Chicago Bulls. Others point to Tom Brady whose seven Super Bowl rings are unmatched. Then there are the likes of Muhammad Ali, Pele, Roger Federer, Wayne Gretzky, among others. Then there is Joey Chestnut.

While Major League Eating isn’t considered one of the top sports leagues in North America, competitive eating is considered a sport, by the definition of the world at merriam-webster because it takes both physical exertion and skill to do the activity and in this unlikely event, there exists a GOAT like no other in any sport.

Joey Chestnut has set himself apart from the rest of his competition that the only challenge he has year after year is himself and breaking his own records. Many thought that his reign ended after losing in 2015, they way he ended the six-year dominance of Takeru Kobayashi in 2007. But no, he came back even stronger and isn’t slowing down as his reign continues in its third decade.