Ali Imsirovic Grabs Crown in Event #2 of PokerGO Cup

Poker fans all know that Cary Katz owns PokerGO, but there’s mounting evidence that Ali Imisirovic owns the PokerGO Studio at the Aria Hotel & Casino. On Thursday night, Imsirovic dominated the final table of Event #2 ($10,000 NLHE) of the 2021 PokerGO Cup Event to claim a $183,000 payday and the lead in the PokerGO Leaderboard.

Imsirovic started the final table with the chip lead and eliminated four of the final five players on his way to the title. Things went quite differently for Matas Cimbolas however. After coming into the final table with the second-biggest chip stack, Cimbolas failed to generate any momentum and then ran into a battle of the blinds with Imsirovic that couldn’t have gone any worse.

Action folded to Cimbolas in the small blind and he moved all in for 1,140,000 with As5h. Imsirovic peaked at his cards and called with AhKh. The 8s6c5c gave Cimbolas bottom pair and as the 3d hit the turn, Imsirovic ask Cimbolas how much he was going to have to pay him. That’s when the Kc hit the river to send Cimbolas out in sixth for $36,600.

Just six minutes passed before Imsirovic ended another player’s run. Action folded to Imsirovic on the button and he jammed with Kd6d. Frank Funaro, the #1-ranked American online poker player, called all in for 780,000 with Ad9d from the small blind. After the Td4c3c flop, Imsirovic cut out enough chips to pay off Funaro. He immediately pulled them back when the Ks hit the turn. The 3d river changed nothing and Imsirovic eliminated Funaro in fifth place for $48,800.

Down to just 50,000, Mo Rahim was all in before Dylan Linde moved all in from the small blind, forcing Imsirovic to sit this one out. Rahim showed Qs9d which put him behind the Ac8s of Linde. There was nothing to save Rahim on the AsKhQd6cTs runout and he was done in fourth for a $61,000 score.

It took just 45 minutes to send the first three players packing, but it took more than two hours to go from three-handed to heads-up and it took a cooler to make it happen. Linde opened with a min-raise to 200,000 holding QcQs and Imsirovic looked down at KcKd in the small blind. He made it 600,000 and Koon folded. Linde moved all in for 2,650,000 and Imsirovic called. Linde watched as the JsTc7hTh4s board cemented his third place finish.

With Imsirovic holding a 3-1 chip lead over Koon, it took just a single hand of heads up play to end the tournament. Koon, who began the final table as the shortest stack with just three big blinds, called with Ac9d. Imsirovic responded by moving all in with Ks2d and Koon called. The Td3c2h flop gave Imisrovic bottom pair and as the Jc turn and 6c river completed the board, Koon was out in second place for $122,000 while Imsirovic took the title, $183,000 and the overall lead on the PokerGO Cup leaderboard.

This PokerGO Cup event had 61 entries to build a $610,000 prize pool. Imsirovic now has 183 leaderboard points and leads Event #1 winner Alex Foxen by just five points.

The final table of Event #3 includes chip leader Sam Soverel, Steve Zolotow, and Sergi Reixach. The stream on PokerGO begins at 1 PM PT.

Event #2 Payouts

Ali Imsirovic – $183,000
Jason Koon – $122,000
Dylan Linde – $85,400
Mo Rahim – $61,000
Frank Funaro – $48,800
Matas Cimbolas – $36,600
Sam Soverel – $30,500
Daniel Weinand – $24,400
Marius Gierse – $18,300

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