• 12th August 2014

Windy Roads

Breathtaking isn’t it!  Before we even got to the venue I was sold on it, I mean, how could I not be..  this view could win anyone over. A lot has been going on lately.. if you follow me here on my blog or social media (thank you so much, I love you!) you would know that … Continue reading Windy Roads

  • 6th August 2014

Macho Wear

May it be shorts, pants, shirts or jackets.  I am a lover and repeat offender of double-denim.  On any given day of the week double-denim is just as reliable as the little-black-dress. The warm sun that was shinning down on us as we left the house today, was a nice change to the rain we … Continue reading Macho Wear

  • 25th July 2014


Some of you may say, but where’s the car? aaaaahh if only I owned a Lamborghini! It happens to all of us, at the worst time, on the busiest day of your life and usually when you are in the worst outfit ever…. Your gas light starts flashing EMPTY! Now, I know I’m not the only girl … Continue reading Gas

  • 18th July 2014

Look Up

Do this for yourself this weekend.  Turn your computer off, leave your phone at home and go for a walk to a park, spend some time outdoors and maybe pick some flowers. As a child I remember my sisters and I would spend hours in our yard playing in the grass and trees. We would … Continue reading Look Up