• 7th November 2017

28 Days Challenge Experience

  When I was approached by my manager about doing a 28 day challenge with a skin care brand that I wasn’t allowed to know the name of, I was a little concerned. The concern came because I feel I generally have good skin and I didn’t want to mess around with it. But the … Continue reading 28 Days Challenge Experience

  • 16th April 2014


Like fashion trends with clothing, there are also fashion trends when it comes to make-up. So I spent the day with make-up artist, Raf Manosca at the MAC store in Rockwell. Raf has been a make-up artist for MAC Cosmetics for 3 years now and he definitely taught me a few new tricks. Firstly when … Continue reading GLOBAL GLAMOUR

  • 19th March 2014


So fashionistas have known this for decades, but if you missed the memo it’s time for you to catch up because it’s once again the hottest make-up trend for Spring/Summer 2014 – nude lips.  When I hosted the MAC Spring/Summer Trends Presentation in Manila along side MACS Director of Artistry,  Greorgy Arlt in January 2014,  it’s all … Continue reading LET’S GO NUDE