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  • 29th October 2014

Chaotic Love

Love is a wonderful thing.   There may be chaos in all areas of your life, but the thought of coming home to a man that I love the most in the world, nothing else seems to matters.   • Our save-the-date invites have been sent out and here’s a sneak peak at our wedding … Continue reading Chaotic Love

  • 25th October 2014

Kicks for Comfort

So I’m guessing by now you guys have noticed that I’m always in heels.  Well sometimes they are just nothing but an inconvenience.  Like on this day.. Sight seeing should be exciting and thrilling.  But not if you are wearing the wrong shoes.  On this day I was touring around different sets at Warner Bros Studios, … Continue reading Kicks for Comfort

  • 27th September 2014

People Style Watch • Denim Party

The denim party of the year. On September 19th, 2014 at The LINE in Los Angeles, California, USA. People Style Watch had their 4th Annual Denim Awards Issue party. With actress, Sophia Bush, star of this years new cop show, Chicago P.D, gracing the front cover. This months issue is full of what’s hot this … Continue reading People Style Watch • Denim Party

  • 25th September 2014

Beach Heels

Strolling around the beach in tropical heels. Do it because you can! Anyway I didn’t bring my bikini, so heels were a good substitute.  Gab and I have had some time to settle in now, so when we decided to get into the car and drive to one of the many, stunning beaches here in … Continue reading Beach Heels

  • 25th September 2014

Beach Games

Hermosa Beach, California. This beachfront wonderland is in the South of Cali, full of beach goers who love the city life of Los Angeles, but still have the urge to wake up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore. It’s beautiful! It was Labor Day long weekend, so we wanted to see what … Continue reading Beach Games

  • 15th September 2014

Stripes & Balls

A green nerf ball, a fluro pink beach ball, leopard print heels, two girls and gold mirrored sunglasses.  Oh and let’s not forget the swimming pool = good times. We had been in LA for a few weeks.  It was hot, sunny and glorious but Kiana was heading back to Manila in a few days … Continue reading Stripes & Balls

  • 31st August 2014


Fresh air and sunlight on my face…  After being on the plane (to travel what felt like across the world) it’s definitely welcomed with open arms. When you travel what do you wear?  I just travelled 14 hours from the Philippines to Los Angeles.  We had a 2 hour stop over, then we flew 5 more hours … Continue reading Bassike

  • 19th August 2014

Quiver Girl

“QUIVER, Indulge your inner beach bum” • ..and I am a beach bum at heart!  Being a self proclaimed Aussie beach girl, I’m always searching for easy tops and pullovers I can throw over a bikini to stroll to the beach in (or pool).  So when this new online girlie beach shop came to life … Continue reading Quiver Girl

  • 12th August 2014

Windy Roads

Breathtaking isn’t it!  Before we even got to the venue I was sold on it, I mean, how could I not be..  this view could win anyone over. A lot has been going on lately.. if you follow me here on my blog or social media (thank you so much, I love you!) you would know that … Continue reading Windy Roads

  • 6th August 2014

Macho Wear

May it be shorts, pants, shirts or jackets.  I am a lover and repeat offender of double-denim.  On any given day of the week double-denim is just as reliable as the little-black-dress. The warm sun that was shinning down on us as we left the house today, was a nice change to the rain we … Continue reading Macho Wear

  • 30th July 2014


Anilao, Batangas, this will be one of many entries for TRAVEL in the ‘Philippines’. What a beautiful place! When I woke up on this day it was raining, overcast and just miserable. However, Gab surprised me and woke me up at 6:30am to take me somewhere special. All I wanted to do was slip back … Continue reading Dive

  • 25th July 2014


Some of you may say, but where’s the car? aaaaahh if only I owned a Lamborghini! It happens to all of us, at the worst time, on the busiest day of your life and usually when you are in the worst outfit ever…. Your gas light starts flashing EMPTY! Now, I know I’m not the only girl … Continue reading Gas

  • 19th July 2014


Preview Best Dressed Ball is on everyones social calendar, if you are anyone in Manilas fashion industry. A controversial cover.  This June issue with Ellen Adarna was all about exposing ‘skin’ in a thought provoking but fashion forward style.  Which then was a perfect theme for the ball this year, Skin City, with a twist of Vegas thrown in for pizzaz. To interview all … Continue reading PREVIEW BALL 2014 • SKIN CITY

  • 18th July 2014

Look Up

Do this for yourself this weekend.  Turn your computer off, leave your phone at home and go for a walk to a park, spend some time outdoors and maybe pick some flowers. As a child I remember my sisters and I would spend hours in our yard playing in the grass and trees. We would … Continue reading Look Up

  • 2nd May 2014


Vail, Colorado is such a majestic place. When I went away with my family for a vacation I really didn’t prepare myself for the beauty I was going to experience. I started snow skiing in Australia the same time I learnt how to walk. My brother, sisters and I were put into ski competitions by … Continue reading Snowflakes