28 Days Challenge Experience

When I was approached by my manager about doing a 28 day challenge with a skin care brand that I wasn’t allowed to know the name of, I was a little concerned. The concern came because I feel I generally have good skin and I didn’t want to mess around with it. But the challenge was to use this skin care product on only half of my face for 28 days to see if there was a difference. So for the greater good of my skin, to see if it could get better than it already was I accepted the 28 day challenge and committed to the next few weeks of changing up my daily skin routine.

The next minute I know, this mysterious jar was delivered to my house. There were no labels, no colors to give away what brand it was for. It was in a plain silver jar. So that night I started using the product on half of my face. Now when I prepare my skin for the day or for bed I have a about a 6 step process. So i continued that same process on the one side of my face and on the other side of my face I applied this 1 face cream….that was it..and i had to keep journal.

The first thing I logged in my journal was that I instantly felt the hydration. The product left the one side of my face very soft and hydrated and that was just on the first application! I couldn’t help to get a little excited for the next 28 days and it was just day one.

I noticed that my face stayed hydrated for the entire day, so naturally I was growing more and more curious as to what this face cream was. When asked in my interview during the reveal, what market or price point did i think it was, I thought it was a high end, luxury brand 100% . So when it was revealed that it was Olay Regenerist I was so surprised that the quality and feel of this product had tricked me into thinking it was a $100 plus face cream. It was so nice to know that such an affordable skin care brand had reformulated their product to live up to such an expectation while still staying true to their loyal customers .

So this experience has left me thinking….. Why do i need to waste so much money on high ends brands when Olay now offers the same results at a much more affordable price. This product is definitely a product for every women and their hashtag really stays true to itself. #makeyourownluck #DNAorOlay 

By Tricia Centenera