OK let’s talk about it..

  • 27th March 2018

Today would have been my 3 year wedding anniversary.

March 27 – My phone has lit up like a Christmas tree of messages & memories of what was a fantastic wedding celebration but the matter of the fact is that even though the wedding/weddings were magical, the marriage was not.
One of my dearest girlfriends wrote to me today: ‘3 years ago today, things have changed so much but all for the better!’
I actually saw my ex-husband last night – we didn’t even realise it was the eve of our, what would have been anniversary. We had a friendly embrace & were surrounded by family, it was nice. Guys I’m sharing this story because I know a few of you have followed my journey through all of this & even taken the time to reach out to me. You are the ones I’m writing to today to say thanks for all the love, I appreciate you all. And to those asking me how I feel today I want to tell you this… I FEEL EMPOWERED.

Even though I wouldn’t wish what I went through on my worst enemy, I feel I really just did what other women around the world have done many times before me but mine was public so it was just noticed more. As I said I feel I just did what I had to do to better my situation & protect my body, mind, soul & most importantly my spirit.

I took my time healing, stumbling many times. I spent time with Jesus. I dated myself. I allowed my family, friends & dogs to help me &  love on me. And I fought for my career.

There were times when I was alone but I was blessed that I never felt lonely especially thanks to my Church.

Now to his haters, my ex-husband I believe is a good man who has just made some bad choices,  but are any of you completely perfect? I can say I’ve made some pretty poor life choices too but I believe it’s how we bounce back & get back up that’s what’s more important. There’s nothing wrong with failing forward & he is trying his best to be the best version of himself so please let him try.

Yes this man broke me however I didn’t let it ruin me forever. Through sincere prayer, petition & forgiveness, I can now call him a friend even though the expectation is that as his ex-wife I should hate him, I honestly don’t. Yet a friend who I’m sure will p*#s me off at times but none the less a friend…or maybe we’re more like siblings now haha he’s like the sibling who doesn’t give the best love advice 😂😂😂

He’s respectful that I’m in a relationship with a man I love whole heartedly & he’s sincerely happy for us. He asks love & healing advice & is trying for himself.
So to any of you who are broken hearted, my last couple of years is my advocacy to you..

Love yourself right.

Always remember your worth.

Be firm yet kind.


Pause, pray & see the lesson so that a negative situation can turn into a positive learning experience.

Forgive has often as you laugh & speak love!

Always having faith that God has a plan that’s even more magical than your wildest dreams.

The right person will cross your path when you are ready.. when you are busy loving yourself right.You just have to believe in your heart of hearts that God is good!


T xx

Matthew 5:16

19 thoughts on “OK let’s talk about it..”

  1. You are indeed empowered. I love your writings, though U haven’t been in such situation in life, I feel your sincere thoughts. I’ve been following g you since then, even saw the worst page of your life in love. What you have all said is right and for sure it will inspire others. God bless you more

  2. Hi there this was my first time to read ur blog..
    You know i truly admire how you are as a woman of God, depsite of the fact that you once had been broken.. Just like you i was then married and we have a child.. Unfortunately he leave me hanging..until i found out he had someone new.. Dpat i should hate him but God reli is garcious He showed me how He loves me.. And people or even his family ask y i am like this, see i dont hate my ex husband, there is no bitterness and hatred.. Only forgiveness na even aq i wonder nkya qng gwin.. Pero God reli is an amazing God.. Thank you miss tricia. May God bless us both..

  3. you are such an empowered woman, trish.
    i cried as i read your post but behind those tears, you’ve left a powerful message to my heart that it doesn’t matter what situation you were put into as long as you’ve learned how to pick yourself up again. thank you for sharing this wonderful experience. so much love 💛

  4. Beautiful post.
    I moved to the Philippines exactly three years ago and you popped up on my instagram. I started to follow you as you were a fellow Aussie with brains and of course, beautiful style.
    I too have had a lot of painful relationships and felt as though I would never push through with finding happiness. It has taken a long time to come to the realization that happiness truly starts with self love – which is not an easy thing to do and is still a journey.
    Makeup and beautiful clothes can’t disguise you when you love everything more than yourself. When you give more of yourself you find that you lose who you are.
    I am glad that you feel empowered and it is lovely to hear that you have found happiness and light.
    Keep going you beautiful lady! x

  5. This is so beautiful. I cried after reading. Thank you for this Tricia! I am still healing bur I know that in HIS Time things will fall into their proper places.

    The right man will come and it will be just beautuful with God’s grace and blessing because people with good hearts deserve people with good hearts as well!

    Thank you for inspiring me, Tricia!


  6. Amen and amen. God is Good all the time and all the time God is Good. God bless you & May the blessings of the Good Lord shower upon you always! Truly, Love works in a very mysterious ways.

  7. Such an inspiring story. Thank you for the encouragenent. Your positivity is exactly what I need at the moment. Thanks for sharing this. Gid is good. 🙂

  8. I’m honestly one of those who followed your journey w Gab and I got heartbroken too when you separated. I thought your wedding was magical. I felt the love even though I wasnt a part of it. I had questions running on my mind but I kept it to myself because it’s not my business and I have no right to judge. I met Gab last year and I have to agree with you that he is a good man who has made bad choices, but who doesn’t, right? We all make mistakes but what is important is we learn from it. I am so happy you guys are passed that stage already and I cannot wait to see you both grow in your relationship with Jesus. May God guide you always!

  9. Worth reading.
    I always wondered what happened between the both of you, i’ve watched your wedding online and it made me want a love like the both of you.
    God really has a plan for each and everyone. God Bless Ms.Tricia 🧡
    Hope i can have the courage to forgive the one that broke my heart as well.
    Thank you for sharing.

  10. Hi Tricia,

    I am really inspired by your blog about healing. Three years ago my boyfriend passed away and it took me a while to process everything. You inspired me that God in his own time will give me Love again and Trust that things will work out out to those who trust in him. Keep shining!

  11. this is so inspiring i can read it over and over again.. you are the best example of an Empowered Woman..words were written with lots of sincerity and honesty.. i adnire your strength and maturity.. I am also from a broken marriage and i can relate much..

    from italy wuth love and God Bless you😘

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