• 5th June 2017

What kind of dresser are you? Do you dress for the weather? Do you dress for yourself or dress to impress others? Are you true to your own style?

This is me…

This summer has been like every other summer, hot and humid. Although I’m sure it was just as hot and just as humid as the year before. Summer is summer, right!? It stays the same more or less unlike, fashion.

So, it’s always hot in Manila, like all year round, but you still need to be presentable. Most especially if you are going to attend events, or just want to achieve that perfect OOTD.

Every year and every season fabrics change from being super girlie and pastel one year to bold and beautiful the next. Even from tribal to boho, it’s constantly changing. Whatever it is, we wear our favourites that keep us cool and chic and we get on with our day.

This season definitely has been one of my favourites! I’m not one to wear really fitted dresses and this is definitely the season for over sized everything! One time one of my best friends said to me, “Tricia, how do you make a sack look so good!?” haha – honestly it’s really my style, oversized dresses and men sized t-shirts with baggy shorts or loose trousers or jeans, then put them with a sexy pair of heels, show a little shoulder and your good to go!

..and I don’t have big boobs so baggy or loose style clothes work well otherwise I’d look like a house, it would never work. Dressing right for your body type is always a must – I will do a blog post for that another time!

…but just because it’s loose and baggy doesn’t mean it cant still be sexy. Leave somethings to the imagination!

A little skin is always allowed! But keep it classy, more is less.

…and a men’s shirt can always be belted and put over a pair of shorts.

Baggy really is my thing…

When I was putting this post together I was asked to head to The SM Store Premier and put together 10 different looks that would show how versatile their clothes really are. They have a wide range of choices so to come up with different outfits was a breeze because there’s so much you can mix and match. And it would be a perfect place to shop to be able to answer the 4 questions I asked above…The questions I ask myself all the time while getting dressed hence why I asked you!!

What kind of dresser are you?

Do you dress for the weather?

Do you dress for yourself or dress to impress others?

Are you true to your own style?

Take a minute and think about it…

Sure I love my designer brands just as much as the next girl but when  I go from attending an event to hosting an event all in one day, I need more options. More options that aren’t going to break my bank account and leave me eating canned tuna all week. haha!

This outfit is usually worn in a much smaller more fitted way but to stay true to my own style I got a large and XL size and it changed to look completely. Made it more me.. The way I wear things will be completely different to how you wear things, because we are different and have different curves.

…of course I can never go past an all black outfit haha. I am loyal!

Even this outfit…the shirt is an XL and the skirt are both from SM Woman. And again, I’ve always loved mixing and matching!

Ok, back to the 4 questions…

If it’s comfy and at the same time fashionable I’ll most likely love it. I rarely dress for the weather because let’s face it, it’s always hot here and there’s always freezing cold air-conditioning so it’s a war we can never win BUT I’m not going to wear a long beach dress during the rainy season… that would make me silly.

I would say though, I am an emotional dresser!

I always dress for myself because hey let’s face it, even though most men aren’t fans of women in ‘baggy/oversized’ clothes and I am single now, it’s my life haha and other people not liking my style, well respectfully that’s not my problem.

And girls if you are always true to your own style you really can’t go wrong, can you.


by Tricia Centenera

Art Direction & Photos by Ria Prieto

Edited Samantha Valenciano

Clothes from SM Woman

Shoes from Parisian

Accessories from SM Accessories

All items are available at The SM Store Premier in Makati, Aura and Megamall.

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