When a swimsuit will do

  • 19th May 2017

Hello summer, hello sweaty clothes, hello lazy dressing.


Heeeelllllloooooo summer!!!!

So as we all know, Manila is notorious for its long summer days, humidity that will make any ones hair frizzy and our sun here feels like it could literally fry an egg on the streets! But here we are living and dealing with it everyday. I regularly tell my girlfriends that I am one step away from carrying around a sun umbrella to protect myself from the suns harmful rays… they have told me that if I do they will disown me… hahaha so instead I scramble from shade to shade while walking the streets like a vampire! Anyway, since I’ve been exercising and swimming a lot lately I remembered how a one piece swimsuit can substitute as an acceptable outer garment BECAUSE IT’S SO HOT!!!! I mean why not, done with confidence some people wouldn’t even know.

Here I am in another photo taken again by the ever so talented photographer, Joseph Pascual.  The Philippines is my back drop for now, and it is where I call home, so I will deal with the heat. Gorgeous blue skies and friendly people, why wouldn’t I be in love with this country.
Sure I may have a western outlook towards fashion some times, after all I was born and raised in Australia but Philippine fashion impresses me everyday with some amazing fashion designers.
Being the Aussie beach girl I am I can never go past throwing a pair of pants over a swimsuit, its really nothing new
(it’s actually when I’m being lazy to find anything else or come from the pool)
It’s a no brainer.  I’m a repeat offender of a one piece swimsuit and denim shorts.

So today I thought I change it up with some man pants.

Be true to your own Style.

Photo by Joseph Pascual
Celine sunglasses | Rival swimsuit | Zara pants | Tony Bianco shoes

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