Japan’s winter wonderland

  • 19th May 2017

I don’t know what I love more.. beach or snow? So I’ll just say it’s a tie!

It was Friday, February 10, 2017. 9am and I was chatting to a friend from overseas who called to tell me that she and some other friends of ours had decided to jump on a plane and go skiing for the weekend in Niseko, Japan… and since I hadn’t seen some of them for 3 years that I should go and escape Manila’s heat. It was a crazy idea!

So I said to myself, if everything falls into place it’s meant to be. So I called my travel agent at Jeron Travel at 12 noon and asked for flights, needless to say I packed my bags and they got me on a plane by 6pm the same day.

It was God’s plan!

I mean the look on my face says it all because it was probably the most spontaneous thing I’d done since my divorce. I was nervous and a little unsure, but excited to see everyone. After all I am an adult and have travelled alone many times before, just not so spontaneously! But I knew I had this and I was trusting in the Lord to protect me. So there I was… freezing.

Needless to say our chalet was gorgeous, reunited with old friends and ready to hit the slopes!

I went from 35 degrees in Manila to minus 1 degrees in Japan and only decided to go 6 hours ago.. haha I was a little overwhelmed but so happy I went. Ok so first things first, I needed to rent skis which we did at, Rhythm Niseko. The staff were mainly Australian, so they are super friendly and the equipment was in great condition. Luckily we all owned all of our ski attire/clothes because there isn’t anything worse than having to rent a SKI SUIT! I can’t!

Rhythms were great they did all of our lift passes as well, they’re really a one stop shop. Anyway, I was so busy and thrilled that I was there that it wasn’t until we got onto the mountain when I noticed the girls were all beginner/intermediate skiers, so I was going to have to ski with the boys who were all snow boarders. Now I grew up snow skiing in Australia with my family and theres nothing more annoying then having to wait for snow boarders to clip in and out of their board all the time! But you know what… I didn’t mind because I was just so happy to be with my friends that I would have waited as long as it took. Besides look where I was, things could have been wors after all this trip was all very last minute. Below are some fun photos I took while skiing the mountain and some fun things I did during my trip.

Please note: none of my friends on this trip were bloggers. This trip by all means was not organised weeks in advance and since we had 3 years of catching up to do and only 2 days plus the skiing.. well so skiing and bonding with my friends was all I did, I actually didn’t pay attention to my phone most of the trip which was so refreshing! So I’m sorry this blog entry isn’t very un-informative but if it gets you to Niseko one day for some skiing it will be worth me sharing it with you.When you ski past this bell at the 1000m point on the mountain, the Japanese believe it gives you good luck.This ramen restaurant we ate was situated on the actual mountain so we didn’t have to leave and waste time looking for a nice place to eat. We literally skied to the front door.

Hiking up Grand Hirafu – My dear friend Stephen is a true gentleman for putting up with me the whole time and coming with me on that hike (he didn’t want to go but wouldn’t let me go alone, now that’s true friendship) 

Skiing this mountain, Grand Hirafu in Nisek, Japan, was seriously like skiing on talcum powder. Not only is this place famous for their endless amounts of light powder snow but also for their breathtaking backcountry view you get the entire time you are on the mountain. With the main view being of Mt Yotei which is a dormant volcano, it’s beauty is captivating from any part of the mountain. What I do strongly suggest you do if you go is hike the peak of Grand Hirafu to see Mt  Yotei in its entirety. You literally have to take off yours skis off and carry them up for about a 30 minute hike and the skii down is only for advanced skiers but if you can you should try, but please be safe. We sat up there for about 40 minutes just taking in the view and being thankful before we dropped into waste deep powder snow for our ski down… God really made our world a beautiful place!

Another suggestion is you must eat their soft serve ice cream!! I had one everyday!

We didn’t have time to go to any of the hots spring/Onsens or go night skiing but I am planning a trip next February and I promise to be better informed for you next time! WHO WANTS TO COME WITH ME?!?!?

So after 2 days of skiing and reconnecting with old friends it was Monday and time to go home. I’m so thankful that I got that phone call Friday morning because this trip really opened up my eyes to the many possibilities of what’s just around the corner. Always be prepared for what life and God has in store for you and don’t be scared to take chances.. This time it brought me great joy and reminded me that yes, sometimes bad things happen to good people but then sometimes really good things happened to good people too but one things for sure, being gratful for all the good we have in life should be a daily thanks giving.

It’s a magical world.

Photos were all taken with my Samsung Edge 7 and none of my friends wanted to be included in this post or any photos (hahahahaha)

North Face ski outfit | Oakley goggles



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