A day with Palmolive girl Heart

  • 30th March 2017

When Palmolive Naturals asked me to be part of their day for their Facebook Live event with Heart Evangelista I said yes with a smile. Heart’s a sweet friend how could I say no.

As an influencer I get asked to attend events and endorse different products and brands. However I’m not the type of girl to just say yes to any brand that crosses my path. I take it very seriously in representing brands that I believe in, trust, are reliable and most importantly that I actually use. So when Palmolive Naturals asked me to be part of their day for their Facebook Live event with Heart Evangelista I said yes with a smile.

Palmolive Naturals has been around for years and is a go to brand of mine for reliable soap and body wash. OK, so I guess some of you are thinking.. Doesn’t this brand promote ‘white skin’..? And I’m a beach girl who is always in the sun… Confusing right! Palmolive helps keep my skin smooth and bright (and it smells great) Much to my surprise Heart is on the same page. She too loves the outdoors and if you were able to catch us on the #IHeartPalmolive Facebook Live event Facebook page all of these questions were answered.

Palmolive Naturals invited me together with other lifestyle bloggers to the event, so we can ask questions about the product, and of course, for the fans to be up close and personal with Heart. Some of the questions that Heart was asked were if she uses sunscreen? What does she prefer to use, the bar soap or body wash? The fans sure had a lot to ask! She likes the body wash because it’s so luxurious and lathers up well, but I prefer the bar soap, it really has a creamy texture I enjoy.

It was my first time to be in a Facebook Live event, so it was a different yet exciting experience at the same time. It was an intimate gathering where we bonded with Heart and her fans while we were being broadcasted over Facebook.

I took the opportunity to ask her, if all body care products are created equal. While there may be certain differences in how our skin reacts to certain body care products, it’s good to know that Palmolive White + Milk, is mild to our skin, helps keep it naturally milky soft and milky white.

Of course, we’re not the only ones who bonded with Heart – her fans who were eagerly watching via Facebook Live also got the chance to be personal with her too! Heart also entertained questions being asked over Facebook in real-time, something which would be hard to accomplish a few years ago. I also got to pick a few tips from my fellow attendees as well!

What I love most about the body wash and soap is the milk ingredient and the smell! Not only does it keep my skin soft, bright and vibrant -especially after all the sun exposure I get, i really need it – it smells extra good the minute you step out of the shower.  If you are out looking for a soap and body wash that really works don’t look any further, I’ve really tried them all!

Thank you to Palmolive for inviting me, it was definitely fun being with ladies having the same concerns that I have and getting our answers from the Palmolive Girl herself, Heart Evangelista. If you want to know more about our Facebook Live session, you can check it out here: https://web.facebook.com/PalmoliveNaturals

Experience it for yourself! Get your own Palmolive Naturals White + Milk here: http://lzd.co/PalmoliveXLazada3.

Instagram: @PalmolivePH

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PalmoliveNaturals



By Tricia Centenera

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