Never the obvious

  • 6th March 2017

Mix and match to your own hearts desires.

Who said mixing and matching is difficult. This Josh Goot dress of mine is one of my favourite dresses. It’s an oldie but a goodie and was a birthday gift to me from Josh a few years ago but it is timeless! Some people would say I am bias because he is part of my family but he is an amazingly talented man.

With the bright neon colours, one would think that putting a classic black blazer with it would be the only obvious option. It is if you were going for a sleek look, but I’m not one to always go for the obvious and conventional option.  As I always say, let your imagination run wild and mix and match to your own hearts desires. Do you and do it well, because only you can. You’ll get to an age eventually where go against the flow is more thrilling and fulfilling, so you might as well start now.

Be true to your own style.

Photos by Joseph Pascual

Josh Goot dress | Forever21 jacket | Top Shop shoes

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