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  • 25th February 2017


Clear your mind, don’t live up to other peoples expectations. Be true to yourself!

I just love waking up in the morning full of JOY! Thankful for all I have and who I am. But as you all know there are seasons for everything and sometimes it’s not always our choice or in our power to control these seasons.

Yes, I believe that being happy and joyful everyday is a choice but what when there’s a storm in your life that you have zero control over like; you lose your job, your parents divorce or someone close to you dies suddenly. You go through a breakup or even worse divorce. You’re cheated on and lied to..? When these storms in our life hit us and we don’t have the strength with in to wake up with joy everyday, what do we do then?

For those of you who follow me on social media know that I am a proud Christian.. but I wasn’t always.

I got saved 3 years ago after tragedy struck my family and my best friend committed suicide infront of me, all in the same month. I was a mess. It was one of the biggest storms of my life and I had no answers but so many questions.

So let me ask you this question again.. When these storms in our life hit us and we don’t have the strength with in to wake up with joy everyday, what do we do then?.. The old me tried her very best and relied on her own understanding but since I’ve been saved I now rely on Him. Admittedly I am a strong girl, I compartmentalise really well and can put logic over matters of the heart when need be but some storms are too big for even the strongest of people I know. Now I’m not here to bible bash any of you who read this who aren’t Christian, I am just sharing with you how I deal with my own storms in life. This is how cope.

‘I forget what is behind and I struggle for what is ahead’ – Philippians 3:13

Before I was saved I always felt like I was running towards something. I always felt like there had to be more. I turned to myself for everything and most of the time I was ok but as I got older I grew tired and frustrated. I got tired of having to always have the answers, I was accountable only to myself and it was hard -there were other storms before this one but this was 2 storms at the same time. When the storm of tragedy and loss hit my life it was 2014 and I remember drinking a lot to numb the feelings, I didn’t want to have to think, I didn’t want to have to feel a thing. Then I met Pastor Paul Chase from New Life Alabang. I wasn’t Christian but he could see a very broken/heartbroken person, so all he did was he encouraged me to just try.. try and open up a conversation with Jesus and talk to Him and tell Him all my worries and try to have a relationship with Him. I could get angry at Him, yell and scream at Him and so that’s exactly what I did, I really had nothing else to lose. When I put Jesus in the centre of my life the clarity and inner strength I got from the Word changed me and readied me for the future storms of life that were headed my way. It taught me valuable lessons like there’s a lesson in every storm if you just stop to listen and calm your heart. During all of my screaming and yelling at Jesus, He just loved on me. I didn’t feel alone anymore and now I don’t have to rely on my own understanding so much. I felt relief. So when people ask me how I got through what I went through last year.. I say I got through it with Jesus.

Do what’s best for you! Don’t let the storms of life knock you around so much you never get back up because that would be a pity. Find what anchors you to the ground and hold onto that with dear life. May that be your family or friends but remember they too have their own storms. Some of my best friends meditate and that works for them. All I’m saying is just BE YOU, don’t live up to anyone else’s expectations of what’s right for you,because they don’t live your life, YOU DO. But whatever it is you decide to do, don’t forget to do it with conviction and believe it to your core. You’ve got this.

T xx

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