Santa Cruz Beach

  • 4th December 2016



Not my usual beach attire but when driving back from San Francisco we stumbled upon this boardwalk. So naturally we got out and didn’t regret it!








One of the amazing things I love about travelling, is sometimes you really don’t know where you could end up. You think you have it all planned out but then you find a place that you never expected was there and all of a sudden your plans change. Well that’s what happened when we were driving back to LA from San Francisco. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk kind of just popped up out of no where. Now the thing was that we had Rocket so couldn’t go on any of the rides – and I love rides, but it was ok. Next time!  So we just explored. Behind the boardwalk there was this old train track, which is where I took these photos. I think the moral of this post is that if life throws something unexpected at you, embrace it.

It’s a magical world.

By Tricia Centenera

Mango pants | Gillies Street Market top | Linda Farrow sunglasses | Menina Step ballet flats

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