San Francisco

  • 30th November 2016


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It was a freezing day and I didn’t dress warm enough for this outing but it really wasn’t my fault because the forecast said it was suppose to be warmer then this!!
None the less I braved the wind because the Golden Gate bridge is just divine.
When I think of this bridge I think of that tv show Full House and the trams, hilly roads, Bob Saget and the Olsen sisters. Those baby girls who are now major fashion icons. I never knew or would have thought back then that they would turn out to be two of my go to fashion girls, I mean they were babies!
Anyway back to me freezing haha not even cuddling with Rocket could keep me warm! When I’m travelling and get to see such wonderful things I stand in silence and am just thankful. Sounds kind of corny but we all do it, if we like to admit it or not. We all have that moment when our breath is taken away and you realise how small you actually are.
Here is what could have been a better photo if my head wasn’t chopped off but at least it was taken with out the wind, taken at the gorgeous

Palace of Fine Arts in the Marina District. When you are surrounded by such beauty and wonder, cold and being dressed for a warmer day couldn’t keep me away. I braved it, it may be my only chance to be in San Francisco, but I doubt it because I only cracked the surface.

It’s a magical world.

By Tricia Centenera

Celine sunglasses | Levis denim vest | Cameo outer vest | Mango dress | Aldo shoes


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