Last summer

  • 21st November 2016


How many of us take photos for them to never see the light of day..

How many of us take photos with the intention on sharing them and then life happens? I have so many, I am GUILTY!!  So over the next few weeks before I start posting new stuff, let me show you some amazing places I’ve been and outfits I’ve worn because it would be such a pity to let them go to waste.img_0618img_0619img_0624img_0632

New York City in the summer. Sizzling hot streets, bustling traffic, electric air. It’s magical and better then any wonder drug, it’s my happy place – well the beach and New York, it’s a toss up.

Last summer I was there a lot and the first thing I do is go to Central Park and people watch haha. Then the crazy kicks in and the following days of catching up with friends, the trains, the sites, the sounds you come home freakin exhausted yet always excited to do it all again the next day and then the next. Now my sister lives there, I have even more of reason to go back soon. The world is an exciting new place for me.


By Tricia Centenera

Linda Farrow sunglasses | Zara top | Cameo shorts | Vince Camuto shoes

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