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  • 4th November 2016


Moving house is never easy. Moving country is even harder. You ask yourself, what do I bring and what do I leave behind…

I just moved back to Manila from LA. I literally came back with my personal belongings and left my household contents behind with new loving owners.

Then all of a sudden I found myself in Manila in an empty apartment thinking, ‘I can’t sleep on my clothes can I?’ haha. Ok, so I needed to go home shopping and the first place that pops into my mind is MUJI!!!!!
Of course other home stores crossed my mind but when I think about MUJI I think how chic and simple all their furniture is. I want to turn my apartment into a home where I can come home and relax to escape the crazy Manila hustle and bustle. So I went down to MUJI to check out their amazing stuff..
They really have everything! Bookshelves to beds to lazy boy chairs.
All of a sudden I find myself lost in a world where I’m calm, content and nothing matters.
I picked up a book off the shelf that was in the store and imagined it was my bedroom and I knew I was in the right place to build my home.
Having all my friends over for dinner parties never looked so inviting.
..and it’s the little things that count that warm your heart.
Walking around the streets of Manila then coming home and walking around your home is a big no,no. Well thats the rule in my home a anyway. So I always like to have slippers near the front door to sip into when I come home.
If you are a guest I might just have a pair for you too.
For me Muji is one of the best home fair stores but also their clothes and accessories are great too. Don’t get me started! Today was about filling my new apartment with furniture and love and that’s exactly what I was able to do.
Your home is your heart. Treat it right. Fill it with memories.
By Tricia Centenera
Photos by Ritz Aguspina
& special thanks to Muji Store,
Bonifacio High Street.

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