Chaotic Love

  • 29th October 2014

Love is a wonderful thing.  
There may be chaos in all areas of your life, but the thought of coming home to a man that I love the most in the world, nothing else seems to matters.  

Our save-the-date invites have been sent out and here’s a sneak peak at our wedding venue…
Back in August, Gab and I started wedding venue shopping.  It felt like a dream.  So far from my reality. Being engaged was still so fresh and it hadn’t really sunk in yet.  And as I read back through that blog post from that day we found our dream venue, it was exciting all over again.
If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here you go:
Three months later, we are so close yet still so far from the big day.  But I wanted to share some of our photos of inside our gorgeous wedding venue.
This is Gab following me around with a camera.
This our blank canvas….I will be heading back to Manila soon to continue the wedding planning and get back to tv hosting, fashion events and of course blogging.  LA has been a wonderful bonding experience for Gab and I, traveling with the man who will soon be my husband has been more then a dream come true. But alas the vacation is over and I am thankful, refreshed and inspired to get back to work.
Love is wonderful.  It’s chaotic but when you find that special one, it’s thrilling.
Be true to your own style.
Photos by Gab Valenciano
Celine sunglasses | Wrangler denim dress | Wittner studed boots

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