Kicks for Comfort

  • 25th October 2014


So I’m guessing by now you guys have noticed that I’m always in heels.  Well sometimes they are just nothing but an inconvenience.  Like on this day..






Sight seeing should be exciting and thrilling.  But not if you are wearing the wrong shoes.  On this day I was touring around different sets at Warner Bros Studios, in LA.  Lucky me, it was actually my second time visiting but the first time I went, I wore heeled boots.  Let me just put it plainly, my feet were aching.  It’s rare but as I said in my opening, sometimes they are just nothing but an inconvenience! (Heels I mean.)  So when I got the chance again to go on a private tour, I was dressed for comfort, ready to get lost in the magical world of movies and make believe.

And so here I am, sitting on the steps of the set for the Batman movies.  Well actually this was Gotham City and it’s also from the movie Argo.  But my point is, you can be comfortable, appropriate and fashionable, all at the same time. Throw on a pair of kicks with a LBT next time, it works every time .

Be true to your own style.

Photos by Gab Valenciano

NIKE shoes | Zara dress 

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