Quiver Girl

  • 19th August 2014

“QUIVER, Indulge your inner beach bum”

..and I am a beach bum at heart! 


Being a self proclaimed Aussie beach girl, I’m always searching for easy tops and pullovers I can throw over a bikini to stroll to the beach in (or pool).  So when this new online girlie beach shop came to life in Manila, I was one of their first customers!  I just couldn’t go past this camisole, along with their boho gypsy style clutch. Spotted and streaked with different vibrant colours, the batik cloths patterns made me so happy when I saw it, I just had to have it.  I needed it in my life HAHA!  Also it reflects a little bit of my filipino culture, so I loved it even and you know what they say… If you really love something, buy it in every colour!  I also bought a yellow one.

Quiver is every beach girls dream online shop!  They are a very small and very new store but they capture the true essence of what the beach should be.. laid back, colourful, sexy, comfortable and most of all fun!

Their motto:
“QUIVER, Indulge your inner beach bum”

..and I am a beach bum at heart!

Be true to your own style.

Photos by Jay Lumbuan

Instagram: @quiverrrr

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