Windy Roads

  • 12th August 2014

Breathtaking isn’t it!  Before we even got to the venue I was sold on it, I mean, how could I not be..  this view could win anyone over.








A lot has been going on lately.. if you follow me here on my blog or social media (thank you so much, I love you!) you would know that I recently got engaged so am now planning my wedding for early next year.    I’ve started travelling more with my fiancé, all the while still working and trying to keep my social life in tact.  But before Gab and I left Manila we drove to many different locations trying to find the venue that best spoke to us.  While driving around Tagaytay on our way to yet another venue viewing, we came across this road.  Breathtaking isn’t it!  Before we even go to the venue I was sold on it just by this road itself.  Instantly I could see myself and the bridal entourage all standing there where I was, having our photos taken, laughing with each other and celebrating love.  As I stood there lost in my day dream, the wind picked up blowing my hair around and breezing through my rather wide legged pants (it felt like a scene from a movie). Now I don’t know if you believe in signs or if you are a ‘follow your gut feeling’ kind of person, but for me the beauty that was before me on this day was a sign telling me I was in the right place. That Gabriel and I finally found the place!  Tagaytay is always much cooler then Manila, so luckily I brought a jacket and wore pants otherwise later when the sun went down I would of been chilly, but on our special day, when I’m in my gown and Gab’s in his tuxedo it will be perfect.

*Before I end, I would like to say something to all of the married women out there with careers, who planned their fairytale wedding and kept every other aspect in their lives in order, I commend and respect you! You are all Super woman in my eyes. 

Be true to your own style.
Photos by Gab Valenciano

Anna&Boy pants | Mango jacket

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