• 30th July 2014

Anilao, Batangas, this will be one of many entries for TRAVEL in the ‘Philippines’. What a beautiful place!

When I woke up on this day it was raining, overcast and just miserable. However, Gab surprised me and woke me up at 6:30am to take me somewhere special. All I wanted to do was slip back under the covers, sleep and listen to the rain on the windows, but I wasn’t allowed. I was made to get into the car where we then traveled for about 2.5 hours, in a storm!

So just quickly, it was our anniversary. I had no clue where we were going and the storm wasn’t helping me guess but gab was excited and up to something. Suddenly the rain eased up and we pulled into this steep drive way which lead down to this gorgeous view.. He was taking me on my first DIVE TRIP!


Ok so Gab got me good. I think I sat here happily surprised and a little overwhelmed in a love bubble for about 30 minutes. (Also I had never been diving before so I was quietly freaking out)


We stayed in a cute little resort called, Pier Uno where you can rent a room for the day or stay for the weekend while you dive different parts of Anileo. It’s a very popular dive location and with views like this I can see why.



Being the hopeless romantic that he is, Gab had lunch with all of my favourites waiting for me in our room. So we ate then got ready to enter the great blue. I was petrified.


Our dive instructor Dong Vergara is an IDCS Instructor from PADI, Gab has been diving with him for over 4 years now, so I was in good hands.

*I love that my fiancé pushes me to do things that scare me, so therefor would never do. And being a certified ‘open diver’ of course he would want his soon-to-be-wife to be passionate about the sport as well… Yes he is a smart man.



After being briefed again on breathing under water and remembering the underwater hand signals, I was ready to go. Sorry I didn’t take anymore photos until we were back on land, but if you check out my instagram page I did upload a 15 second video.






I had such a great day but sadly it came to an end, we said our good byes and set off back to Manila.
I highly recommend trying out Anilao for diving, the gorgeous blue water is so inviting and I promise it’s not cold! Give Dong a call, you won’t regret it or if there is any other info I can share please let me know.

Happy Anniversay bubby xxx

It’s a magical world.

By Tricia Centenera

Photos by Gab Valenciano

A special thanks to

Dong Vergara: IDCS Instructor from PADI


Pier Uno Resort:


AGT Swimwear

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