• 2nd May 2014

Vail, Colorado is such a majestic place. When I went away with my family for a vacation I really didn’t prepare myself for the beauty I was going to experience. I started snow skiing in Australia the same time I learnt how to walk. My brother, sisters and I were put into ski competitions by the time we were 6 years old and every winter holiday there we were on the ski slopes of Thredbo, Mount Blue Cow, Perisher, Falls Creek. You name a mountain skiable in Australia and we have skied it. So in saying this we had our eyes set on new mountains to challenge ourselves with.


From the minute we landed in Vail, Colorado on the small 60 seater my heart was pounding and I was excited. There was snow EVERYWHERE! I’ve seen snow before but never like this and it was FREEZING! The temperature was -7 degrees celsius and at night it was dropping down to -18 celsius. The snow was falling and it was just like being in a fairytale.


As we drove into the village we noticed that the streets were heated, there was a real ice skating rink (not a man made one) and the people were so joyous and just as excited us we were. So if you are a PETA activist you wouldn’t of been impressed with because most people were cover head to toe in leather and fur.


Now skiing and trying to take photos is difficult because my hand would near freeze off, not to meantion it’s quite dangerous, so the photos I was able to take are all from the various chair lifts and look out points or half way down a ski slopes.


A quick photo with my brother and sisters before hitting the slopes.


It’s a magical world.

By Tricia Centenera

Vintage fur jacket | Ray ban & Zara sunglasses | Peter Alexander thermal leopard pyjamas | SM Accessories scarf | Tony Bianco boots | ski outfit all from The North Face | Oakley goggles

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