• 1st May 2014



I’ve never been so scared before in my life! It was all fun and games as I was being strapped in, when I was offered the chance to climb the mast of this beautiful yacht, called Miquette, I couldn’t resist the offer. Now as I stepped into the harness the first thought that was going through my mind was ‘this is not a sexy look’ it looks like I’m wearing an adult nappy don’t you think. Then panic set in.. I’m afraid of heights!

Now what I was suppose to do was bounce off the mast to simulate me walking, as I was pulled simultaneously, like you see in the movies… think Matrix or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. But as I climbed higher and higher all I could do was wrap my legs around the mast and scream and laugh with fright (definitely more screaming).



Needless to say I never made it to the top, but for a girl who is petrified of heights, making it half way was a triumph!


Looking back it doesn’t seem that high, but let me reassure, IT WAS!

Challenging yourself and trying to live out side the box, creating a better version of yourself, this is why I really accepted the offer to climb the mast. Of course I know I’m afraid of heights but I wanted to challenge myself and see what I was capable of. I can safely say, when I came down and looked up to the half way mark I was proud.

It’s a magical world.

By Tricia Centenera

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