• 19th March 2014

So fashionistas have known this for decades, but if you missed the memo it’s time for you to catch up because it’s once again the hottest make-up trend for Spring/Summer 2014 – nude lips.  When I hosted the MAC Spring/Summer Trends Presentation in Manila along side MACS Director of Artistry,  Greorgy Arlt in January 2014,  it’s all he could talk about.


Sugar Honey “fresh” w SPF15
Tinted Lip Treatment

But nude lipstick can be a deceiving term and surprisingly can be done wrong where you end up looking like you’re wearing zinc (if the shade is too light for your skin tone)  The best way to understand the concept behind nude lipstick is to not take the term “nude” too literally.  The less contrast to your skin tone the better!
I am a repeat offender for MAC’s “Creme d’Nude” but I wanted to show you two other great nude lipsticks.
Here are my two other favourites (besides MACS) that I also never leave home without;



This lipstick is inexpensive, doesn’t leave you with cracked lips, and sometimes, when I’m onstage hosting for hours under the bright lights the last thing I want is cracked dry lips.  This is the lip colour I am wearing in the pic above.

Beauty comes from within.
By Tricia Centenera
Photos by Joseph Pascual
for Esquire Magazine, December/January 2014

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