• 27th January 2014

So I’m sure everyone knows of the cute saying,
‘when in doubt go black’
Well when it comes to casual wear I say,
‘when in doubt do denim-on-denim’.  


Distressed, dark washes or faded, it’s one of the easiest things to wear but at the same time very difficult to pull off.

Mix fabric weights and washes, some people say don’t wear the same colour denim but I’m a fan.

If you’re wearing same colour denim break it up with a belt perhaps or even better let it all hang out by pairing a baggy denim shirt with slim fitting jeans.  But tan leathers works amazingly with denim, add a modern twist by pairing your white blazer and a statement necklace even.

Or if you absolutely hate the double denim look, work your denim shirt!  Tucked it into a colourful skirt or leather shorts, it looks just as effortless.




ATTENTION:  Guys this goes for you too! There’s nothing sexier then a man who can pull off the rugged denim-on-denim look, just look at the men from the D&G spring/summer collection above.

Be true to your own style.

By Tricia Centenera

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